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Stun guns are small handheld devices that are used for subduing a person through electric shock.

Most stun guns have a body of hard non-conductive plastic so you won’t get zapped when you hold it…And stun guns are most commonly powered by a standard 9-volt battery, a lithium battery, or multiple batteries.

The small amount of voltage coming from these batteries goes through a number of circuits, which increases the voltage dramatically, sometimes to as much as 1,000,000 volts. Stun guns have two metal prods or electrodes that transfer the current to the target, and both electrodes must touch the subject for the weapon to be effective.
The recipient that’s touched with a stun gun feels some pain instantly (because you’re actually giving them an electrical shock). But more importantly, stun gun technology uses a temporary high-voltage current to override the body's muscle-triggering mechanisms.

To put that last sentence in simple-easy to understand language, consider this… In order for us to move our bodies, our brain sends electrical impulses back and forth to our muscles. One electrical impulse causes our muscles to contract, and the release of that electrical impulse causes our muscles to relax.

The voltage from a stun gun interrupts the electrical impulses that control voluntary muscle movement. This rapid work cycle causes your attackers muscles to contract and release very quickly, and their muscles start twitching uncontrollably.

The resulting muscle spasms overwhelm your attacker’s entire neuromuscular system by sending electrical impulses back to their brain, telling it to slow down a bit. When their brain receives too many return signals in a very short time (we're talking split seconds here) your attacker becomes confused and disoriented.

This rapid work cycle also depletes your attacker’s blood sugar making him unable to produce energy for his muscles, and his body is unable to function properly. A few more split seconds of contact and your attackers body and mind become completely exhausted, and they drop to the ground. It's not rocket science...its biology 101

These effects are temporary and non lethal... They usually last about 5 to 10 minutes, giving you plenty of time to get away.

And since stun guns work on high voltage, but very low amperage...The electricity dissipates instantly within your attackers muscles, so you will NOT receive a shock back even if your attacker is holding on to you.

Do they really work?
Yes, they really work.
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